[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-12 at 1746.52 +0100):
> Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> > save the image and email it to me and i will takea peek later and tell
> > you how it looks.
> Ok. thanks. I had a thought though. I remmeber the original didn't have
> that. Could it be the format I'm saving in, namely jpg? After all, the
> problem appears after I've saved it and put it up for background?

Uumm, eeeh... GIF, JPG and many other formats are like working in 16
bit screen. Use PNG if you want compression but keep colors nicely.
This thing is becoming boring (sorry but day after day the lossy
compression thing appears... is there not a FAQ somewhere or what?).

> What is the best file type to use?

For what task? Desktop bg? Web? Printing? Each job has a tool (or more
than one, but please do not hammer nails with the polisher machine).

> And is there a file type that can
> keep work in progress? ie Five layers open for editing later?

Gimp native format is .xcf.bz2, .xcf.gz or .xcf (aka .xcf compressed
or not). IMHO .xcf.bz2 if your machine is fast, .xcf.gz if not, .xcf
if you want to waste HD.


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