It was Fri, 12 Jan 2001 13:57:16 +0100, when you spake,

JG> I notice the banding doesn't take place if I use the gradient red pipe
JG> plugin. It renders it and all gradients flawless. Just the standard...
JG> Any other thing you can think of s appreciated. It sort of ruins what
JG> I'm doing and so causes massive depression, loss of appetite, etc.
JG> Thanks for the feedback.
JG> Jonathan

are you starting the gradient about an inch in from the edge of the page by chance? if 
so, try starting the gradient on the edge of the layer (or outside the layer).
this might be from the all-to-obvious department, but who knows?

Nusbaum's Rule:
        The more pretentious the corporate name, the smaller the
        organization.  (For instance, the Murphy Center for the
        Codification of Human and Organizational Law, contrasted
        to IBM, GM, and AT&T.)

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