On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:
> Javier Hernandez wrote:
> > I think there are some tools for converting a RPM package to
> > Debian deb's.
> > I have done the inverse process with a tool but I can not
> > remember now what's the name of it.
> It's called "Alien" but I don't want to use it here. Looking for deb
> natives. I also have to watch what they're compiled against... But it's
> a good suggestion otherwise.
Hi Jonathan,

Alien is an appropriate name... :-)

I have arrived to an dead end when trying to compile gimp-1.2.0
under my Openlinux 2.3.
The rpm package I got was packaged with rpm-4.0.x (I think it is
part of Red Hat distribution) and I can not open it.

I will have to look for another RPM package of gimp-1.2.0, if you
know of any place where to find them I will appreciate if you
email me.


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