[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-13 at 2031.47 +0100):
> > > manager. So decission chain from who has more power to less is X -> wm
> > > -> app. If you save position with window manager, then app will be
> > > unable to put window where it wants (and similar for size, colors and
> > > other things).
> > Ok, so this is a problem of fvwm2?
> No, this is a problem of configuration. I know no window manager which
> enforces it's own placement unless the user requests it.

Are we sure the user has not saved positions with the wm or set the
window manager to ignore app requested positions? Active save and
active / passive config set (default config are not what one expect
sometimes) are reasons to see that.

So the person with problems has to check Gimp config and wm config.


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