[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-13 at 1502.58 -0600):
> > What would one consider with the Gimp, and not games, in mind?
> > What card and what amount of ram?
>       I would first look at the www.xfree86.org web site, and make
>    sure that any graphics card I choose if supported by XFree86
>    drivers AND NOT MANUFACTURERS DRIVERS! Aside from blowing the whole
>    concept of "open software", you never know when a manufacturer will
>    decide "this isn't worth it", and bail on you.

Interesting advice. Drivers until there are users. :]

>       Once you have a list of cards in mind, I woud choose the one
>    with the highest RAMDAC (clock speed) and memory your budget allows.
>    Matrox cards and Riva TNT based cards seem to be well supported, 
>    if you are looking for specific recommendations.

ATI are nice too, I had one, good 2D, and new models are supported cos
ATI pays coders, and the code goes into XFree (I have been thinking
about getting one again, ATI cares, and this way support will last
longer). Matrox is good too (using one now) and they follow the same
strategy, get somebody to do open source drivers, so people see you
(the company) like the system (XFree and source), which does not mean
sell less. BTW, nVidia drivers are company provided (if you want 3D, I
believe, for 2D you can use XFree86... but should check that).


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