Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> ATI are nice too, I had one, good 2D, and new models are supported cos
> ATI pays coders, and the code goes into XFree (I have been thinking
> about getting one again, ATI cares, and this way support will last
> longer). Matrox is good too (using one now) and they follow the same
> strategy, get somebody to do open source drivers, so people see you
> (the company) like the system (XFree and source), which does not mean
> sell less. BTW, nVidia drivers are company provided (if you want 3D, I
> believe, for 2D you can use XFree86... but should check that).

I have an ATI now but heard not so hot things about the 128. The Matrox
G400 I heard good things. nVidia seems to get people upset because of
their attitude <sigh>.



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