Hello Manuel,

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba wrote:
> I have a bunch of photographs and I want to get reduced versions
> of them. Besides I want to add this text :
> " Copyright 2000 . Manuel Gutier..."
> to the bottom of each photograph.
> I'm running a standard Red Hat 6.2 box, with standard gimp.
> Which commands/plugins of gimp allow me to achieve these effects ?

AFAKI there is no special plugin yet for doing these things. But that
doesn't mean that you can't write one yourself. :-)

But I think that the possibilities of batch prosessing with Gimp are not
very well developed at the moment. So I would use convert of this. In
combination with find it is a very powerful tool.

Example: To create a thumbnail of every picture in a directory (every
png one), just use:
find -name "*.png" -exec convert -geometry 25%x25% {} {}.thumb.png \;

If you read 'man convert' there are many options, including drawing and
adding text to a picture.


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