[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-15 at 1148.59 +0100):
> I asked the wise sven, he says it's a no-go.  only thing you can do is
> create a link.
> bex

He can recompile and change that in ./configure. IIRC I did it with
Gimp 1.1.7 or so to separate form the rest. But I do not see the
reason to avoid .gimp-1.2 if you are using Gimp 1.2. I can say based
in my admin experience that it nicer that having guys saying "Hey, I
have seen you have upadted Foo app, but now it gives a lot of errors
on load" and realize the problem is due uncompatibility with the old

BTW, the mix of multiple Gimp versions I have been fixing it via
unistall and install. Takes a few secs if you have everything
compiled, and I do it only after updateing CVS (to test new features /
bug fixes), so no big problem (I have to compile anyway), and easier
than renaming.


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