"William D. Tallman" wrote:
> If this has already been well discussed, I beg pardon for the redundancy....
> I get the idea that it is possible to have more than one version of the gimp
> installed at the same time.  If one has .gimp, .gimp-1.1, and .gimp-1.2 in
> their home directory, as I have, and finding the same thing elsewhere in
> /usr/*, it suggests that it would be relatively easy to have more than one
> version installed at the same time, providing that there are not more than
> one patch level of each version.
> Is this so?  I might like to keep the 1.2 as a 'user' and try my hand with
> the 1.3 when it starts coming out.  If this is possible, I would like to
> know how to set this up successfully!
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill Tallman

I have 1.2 and 1.3 cvs.  I downloaded 1.2 source and did ./configure
with the prefix switch (./configure --help for more options) to put it
in /usr/local/gimp-1.2 then compiled and installed it.  Edited my
ld.so.conf and added /usr/local/gimp-1.2/lib to it... then ran
ldconfig.  Also link the files in /usr/local/gimp-1.2/bin to one of the
bin dirs in your $PATH (I linked them to /usr/local/bin) ... This makes
1.2 available for global use.

You can do the same with 1.3 .. substituting the 1.2's for 1.3's above.

If you want 1.3 for global use as well you will have to rename the
binaries as not to overwrite the links from 1.2's bin in /usr/local/bin.

If you want to be the sole user of 1.3  ... install it in your $HOME ...
add the 1.3's lib dir to your $HOME/.bash_profile and link the 1.3's bin
to your $HOME/bin.  You could still install it in /usr/local ... and
change the permissions so only you can execute it.

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