William D. Tallman wrote:

> I get the idea that it is possible to have more than one version of the gimp
> installed at the same time.  If one has .gimp, .gimp-1.1, and .gimp-1.2 in

I'm no expert, but I would imagine you'd run very quickly into library
conflicts with assorted versions requiring certain libraries and those
specific versions not that compatible...
Like Gimp 1.2 wants libgtk 1.2.8. Now Gimp 1.04 might run with it, but
what the further into te future you get the more trouble. Add to that
compiling and certain versions want perl X and thigs get very murky. Of
course, the bright side is you get to know your system really well.

Look on it like having several wives in different cities spread out
across the country. Everything's ok until they attend the same spa. You
may escape alive. Then again, you may not.


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