"William D. Tallman" wrote:
> I get the idea that it is possible to have more than one version of the gimp
> installed at the same time.  If one has .gimp, .gimp-1.1, and .gimp-1.2 in
> their home directory, as I have, and finding the same thing elsewhere in
> /usr/*, it suggests that it would be relatively easy to have more than one
> version installed at the same time, providing that there are not more than
> one patch level of each version.

My idea wasn't so well thought.  I saw the separate directories for the
gimp 1.0 series and gimp 1.1 series.  I installed gimp 1.0.4 then
changed the binary to another name, I chose gimpl (for gimp light) and
its gimptool to -- gimpltool.  Then I installed 1.1.24 and allowed it to
be gimp.  I was able to run both successfully, no problem.  I think I
needed photo mosaic and some of the perl scripts and couldn't get them
to work on the new gimp.  

I would think that if the developers continue to write such logical
code, that you should be able to do this with 1.2 and 1.3.  Heck, if I
ever get more memory, I might try to run all three, although I don't
need poor gimp light anymore.

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