Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
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> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Bill Lee wrote:
> > What IS the format? How could I use the thumbnails in other ways?
> >
> > I would like a thumbnail to be availabale for use on a web page. I know I could
> > probably gin up a method using convert or some-such, but since the full-size
> > images are always being processed with gimp, it would save a bunch of
> > time/effort to be able to use the thumbnails directly.
> I don't have an answer for your question directly, but I use gphoto to
> create thumbnail galleries.  gphoto is designed mostly for getting images
> out of digital camaras, but will also work with them out of a directory on
> the file system.  So I use the GIMP to touch up my photos, put those ready
> for the web in a directory and then use gphoto to get a gallery with
> thumbnails.
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Interesting use of gphoto. But what an AWFUL file naming convention it uses for
the thumbnail images! Is there any way to get that straightened out so the
thumbnail image and the original are easily linked? (Yes, I know: not a gimp
question. Sorry.)


Bill Lee

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