Jon Winters wrote:

Thanks for the photoshop hints that used to be here. I forwarded them to

> Are the hisograms radically different?  Here is another fun
> experiment...  Open a photo in Gimp and do a grab of the histogram.
> Now open the same image in Photoshop and do a grab.
> Return to Gimp and open the image again... how does the hist look now?

I think it will be cool to compare the screenshots.  This here is almost
too much fun.

> Its always been a theory of mine that photoshop does a clandestine save
> when you first open an image.  (but you didn't hear that from me)
> Just use the gimp and forget about photoshop.  :-)  Photoshop does not
> have a Wilbur.  (Its got that creepy eye)

I need never touch adobe again!  My friend and I go around and around
about this photoshop gimp thing.  It is truly my pleasure to give her
photoshop help via the gimps.

She is used to the strong commercial software claims.  Tor's humble
presentation of wingimp was misunderstood.  Meanwhile, the FrontPage
support guy yelled at her for using a directory system on her website. 
"Why do you have folders within folders?" The American Dream is -i
think- to get what you pay for.  It has turned into that you pay for the
only thing that there is.

I have gotten so much more than what I have paid for.  My support has
been patient and intelligent throughout these years.  I brag about all
of you all the time. 

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> Jon Winters
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