Just a line to add my salute to Tors gimp for doze :). I have never used PS
(the eye _is_ creepy) but as I am forced to use doze occasionally, Tors very
nice version of gimp is like having a good friend with you in enemy
territory. Your friend really should try it. Ive got a lot of people Ive
turned on to it....die hard dozers and they are forced, albeit grudgingly,
to admit that gimp is wonderful. Keep up the great work yall. 


"Cynics are made, not born."  |"Great spirits have always found violent
         K.Marx               | opposition from mediocre minds. The latter 
                              | cannot understand it when a man does not 
                              | thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices
                              | but honestly and courageously uses his
                              | intelligence"    -Albert Einstein-

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