On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:07:20AM -0600, Bill Lee wrote:
> What IS the format? How could I use the thumbnails in other ways? 
> I would like a thumbnail to be availabale for use on a web page. I know I could
> probably gin up a method using convert or some-such, but since the full-size
> images are always being processed with gimp, it would save a bunch of
> time/effort to be able to use the thumbnails directly.
> Thanks,
> Bill Lee


I'm not sure about using those thumbnails, but I usually make
thumbnails using the mogrify command (part of ImageMagik):

 mogrify -geometry 120x100 *.jpg

will resize the images to 120 by 100 while keeping the aspect ratio. 
If you want to actually force 120x100:

 mogrify -geometry 120x100! *.jpg

If you have some images smaller than your thumbnail size, and don't
want them to be made larger:

 mogrify -geometry 120x100> *.jpg

would resize a 640x480 but not a 100x100.

Be warned though, mogrify changes the files you're working on!  What
I do is cp all the files I want to make thumbnails of to filenames
like "origpicname_t.jpg" and then use "*_t.jpg" with the mogrify
command.  Seems involved, but if you write a little script that uses
'basename' and a few other goodies, it really simplifies it.  If your
interested, but not familiar with shell scripting, write me and I'll
see what I can do.  :)

Course, if you've got a dir full of pictures that you want to make
thumbnails of, you could make a thumbnails directory with copies of
all those images and then just mogrify * in the thumbnail directory.

Hope this helps,

Ben Logan

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