> How do I change one color to another on an image?  I have an image where I
> want to change all the purple to black......
> Thanks.....Cherie

There are several tricks you can use.  
First, try select->by color.  (Right click on the image, use the 
menu and pick by-color).  You can then click on a patch of 
purple and it
will select *all*  the same color throughout the image.  You can 
use the
Fuzziness Threshhold to decide just how close the selected 
colors should be
to the exact one you picked.

Alternatively, if you don't want to select *all* the purple in 
the original
image, you can try the magic wand to get only the purplish 
pixels in a
contiguous area.

Or, you can play with Image->Colors->Colormap Rotation.

Hope this helps,

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