When I startup gimp I get a lot (hundreds) of messages that look like:

Gimp-WARNING **: Failed to open palette file /home/glen/.gimp-1.2/palettes/Borde
rs: can't happen?


gimp: pipe() failed: Unable to start Plug-In "webify"


Gimp-WARNING **: module load error: /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/modules/libcolorsel_
gtk.so: ld.so.1: gimp: fatal: /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/modules/libcolorsel_gtk.so
: open failed: No such file or directory

Gimp compiled and installed cleanly, so I think it must be a runtime
problem.  I have looked in the docs to see if there are any unknown
(by me) requirements, but I don't see anything that looks promising.
I have checked the obvious, the files do exist and the file/directory
permissions seem right, /usr/local/lib is in the Load Library path,
and /usr/lib is not.  That pretty much covers the usual suspects.

Any suggestions?

Glen Jackson

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