On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:

> Um, interesting. But I haven't installed Ximian and I don't intend to.
> If it was just Perl, it's one thing. I have a nasty feeling that once I
> upgraded perl, it would be something else. If someone has successfully
> done it against potato then I'd love to here. Until then, I have it up
> and running.

Installing Ximian doesn't involve upgrading perl. If you want to see what
it does upgrade, look at their Packages.gz. Its basically Gtk+, the Gnome
libs, and some Gnome apps.

You should be able to compile Gimp 1.2 on Potato by getting Gtk+ 1.2.8
from someplace - the Ximian libgtk1.2 and libglib1.2 packages should
install without requiring anything else from Ximian. Everything else
needed for building Gimp 1.2 is available in Potato.


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