Andrew Kieschnick wrote:
> Installing Ximian doesn't involve upgrading perl. If you want to see what
> it does upgrade, look at their Packages.gz. Its basically Gtk+, the Gnome
> libs, and some Gnome apps.

Ximian doesn't, compiling does. I thought we were talking about that.
It's why I didn't compile but got the Ximian package. It required gimp
and a few new files. That was it.
> You should be able to compile Gimp 1.2 on Potato by getting Gtk+ 1.2.8

I have it.

> from someplace - the Ximian libgtk1.2 and libglib1.2 packages should
> install without requiring anything else from Ximian. Everything else
> needed for building Gimp 1.2 is available in Potato.

Then why did I get a notice about having to upgade my perl library and
if you look at the gimp perl deb source, it does indeed require woody's
version of perl and not potato. I don't get it, becaue if that was the
case, how come Ximian got it up and running on potato?


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