On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Mick Raynes wrote:

> cameras with different settings.  Our aim would be to reduce the original
> jpg 1000 by 1000 and 120kb (as an eg) to a png 500 by 500 and about 30kb.
> As an example we have posted an original jpg image on the net at
> www.tablelandsonline.net.au/_test/lychee.jpg

PNG is the wrong choice if you need small files - PNG uses lossless
compression, so converting your JPGs to PNG will increase the file
sizes quite a bit.

For example:

Your original 1024x768 JPG was 98635 bytes. Scaled to 512x384 and saved
as PNG, it was 272249 bytes.

I imagine you'll get similar results for all your images.


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