>  I wanted to create a short animated movie, to do this I put them jpegs as
> layers above each other and had Gimp create that animation
> to my suprise I found no way of saving that movie nor could I figure out how
> to set a framerate for it (like 10 pictures a second or something like that)
> If somebody could tell me how
> or if somebody knows another linux program that can be controlled with
> console commands I'd be very grateful 

Animations must be saved in GIF format in Gimp. 
Work with your graphic as RGB, then index it when
you're done so it can be saved as a GIF. You need
to tell Gimp it's an animation by naming each layer

frame 1(500ms), frame 2(1000ms), etc.

This is where you set the length of time that each
frame is displayed during the animation. Experiment
a bit to get the effect you want. 

Hope this helps,

Teri Ward
Technical Writer/Web Designer


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