[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-02-02 at 1324.11 -0500):
> How do I get back to the regular size after using the magnifier on an
> image? That is to say, what is the gimp equivalent of double clicking on
> the hand in PhotoShop?

No idea of PS method, but in Gimp you can press Ctrl while using the
Mag tool to zoom out, or change zoom via menus or keycombos (<Image> /
View / Zoom In | Zoom Out | Zoom / ).

I personally use º for Zoom In, Ctrl + º for Zoom Out, 1 for Zoom /
1:1, 2 .. 5 for Zoom / 2:1 .. 16:1, and Ctrl + 2 .. 5 for Zoom / 1:2
.. 1:16. My keyboard has º near the 1, the = does not work (it is
Shift + 0, as in most European kbd I believe) and - is far, so using
the first six keys of that row alone or with Ctrl is the best for me
and easy to remember (keys alone mean bigger, keys with Ctrl mean
smaller size on screen).


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