Hi there, 

I'm not an artist, but I've been using GIMP for over a year on
and off, in much the same way a caveman would use a PC 
(to prop the cave door closed...)

Anyhoo, I've recently decided to work my way through GUM,
but have a query about selections I can't find an answer to.

I'm currently trying to select individual figures from a scene.
They're bordered in thick black.

(See http://ukug.uk.freebsd.org/~rasputin/images/tg.jpg for example)

Say I'm trying to pick out the skull confetti there.
Colour select worked well for the radiation symbols, but the skulls
aren't a matt colour, and so the best I can get is their black outline.

So my question (finally...) is , is there a way of getting that outline
selection to expand into the skulls centers?

Does that make any sense? Oh, well...

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