On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:

> Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> > (1) the "fax" command will convert text into a faxible TIFF, so
> >
> > (2) [Use LaTeX]
> >
> I don't have fax program loaded. Can check dselect... Latex neither.

If you never use LaTeX, then don't install it for this.  It is an
outstanding document preperation system, but it is big.

fax is actually just a script which calls other things.  In particular it
calls /usr/bin/efix to convert from text to TIFF.  The whole thing is part
of the "efax" package which comes with RedHat.

The README file says

 efax is distributed as a gzip'ed tar file, efax-0.9.tar.gz.  It
 may be obtained by anonymous FTP from metalab.unc.edu in

efix may be just the program you are looking for.

> Nothing simpler, um? straight text with a transparent bg is the
> objective...

I didn't think that my suggestions were pretty, and was hoping that others
would have better suggestions.  But do look at efix in efax.  It's not
that big a package.


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