No long term contract
No activation fee
No big prepayment of airtime
No credit check

PAGING AMERICA is going to give you absolutely Free the Brand new Motorola
Accessmate E-Mail display pager. This is the top of the line PCS technology
pager made today. This side viewable display pager has a retail value of
$189.00and comes with its own e-mail address so you can receive your e-mails
as well as alpha-numeric and numeric messages instantly where ever you are
Your new e-mail pager has features like 50,000 character memory, message time
stamping, automatic garbled message correction, beeps or vibrates,
incandescent backlight, saved message folder, a unique never out of range
feature that allows your pager to retrieve messages sent earlier when your
pager was out of range or turned completely off. You can also receive
weather, news and sports .The Motorola e-mail pager is very small and uses
only a single double A battery. All we ask before we ship you your Free pager
is for you to allow us to provide the airtime for you. There is no long term
contract or credit check. Airtime is month to month and can be cancelled at
any time. This pager will comes pre-programmed with its own e-mail address as
well as a local telephone number to receive numeric pages. This pager comes
with a complete 30 day money back guarantee, if after receiving this pager
you're not completely happy, send it back and receive a full refund.

For immediate delivery call Paging America at toll free at 877-699-8545

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