Hi from France,

The problem comes indeed from a conflict with KDE.

By default, the ALT key + mouse clicks has some special behaviours that can be 
disabled via
the KDE control center / customization / mouse behaviour. There is a group of options 
the ALT key.

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Objet : Re: Viewing the layer mask without the associated image layer

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The book is right, but I've the same problem. So, if you get an answer, 
please forward it to me.

I'm running Gimp 1.2.1, KDE 2.0.1, SuSE Linux 7.0.

I think it's a KDE related problem.

Greeting from Germany ...

> I'm trying to view the layer mask without the associated image layer by ALT
> clicking on the layer mask thumbnail as explained in the excellent
> "Grokking the GIMP" book. But it has no effect. I can disable the layer
> mask by CONTROL clicking on the layer mask thumbnail.
> Do I have a problem with the ALT key in GIMP (this key works with other
> apps) ? Is there a mistake in the book ? Is there another mean to do what I
> want ?
> I'm using GIMP 1.2.1 on KDE2.0.1 / Linux Mandrake7.2.
> Thanks in advance.


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