I didn't follow the whole discussion so I hope to not
repeat things that were already said.

One problem of the current registry (before it was broken)
is that there are compiled plug-ins for just one platform,
e.g. Win32, if compiled at all.
Therefore users of other or newer platforms, e.g. OS X,
either have to compile it on their own or simply can't use it.
This is an overload to non-developing users.
I thought it it's a good idea to provide plug-in builds for all
relevant platform at a single, central address.
Each asset should have it's own folder there, such as
This makes it easy for users as well as the asset browser and
downloader component in GIMP to browse and find assets.
I don't want to promise too much, but perhaps it could
be integrated into our Jenkins CI system one day and then
it's easier to generate jobs for the plug-in builds, too.

I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to rely on private Git
hosting provider like Gitlab. If they started going the Sourceforge.net
way we had to move again. Does the GNOME infrastructure deliver
something appropriate, too?



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