*"We need to create a completely different, much more secure solution. This
is going to take some time, and we'd appreciate your help. Please email to
the gimp-web@ <https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-web-list/>mailing list,
if you want to help us."*

I was wondering what time of help you were looking for.

I have access to lots of webspace (web-hosting, VPS's, etc) that I wouldn't
mind donating to Gimp for a set chunk of time (like a few years at a time).
If you need a new space to host the site (with full root access), let me

I wouldn't require any access to the site after handing it over to you.
You'd have full control.

I'm unsure if I'm in the right place, or if this is even what you meant (in
the statement above). But if you need me, let me know.

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