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> together with Andrea Veri I've set up the hook based build trigger.
> Currently it is active for testing purposes on the
> branches babl/hooktest and GEGL/master. If we encounter
> no trouble the other branches will follow in one week or two.
> That's how it works:
> 1. You push a commit to babl/hooktest or GEGL/master in our public
> repository.
> 2. Git's Post-Receive hook notifies Jenkins about changes in the
> affected repository and branch.
> 3. Jenkins' Git Plugin will scan all the jobs which check out the
> specified URL and if they are configured with polling, they'll poll.
> 4. The polling will usually find something that's worth a build,
> so a build will be triggered.
> 5. You get an answer about success or failure of your commit via
> IRC and RSS (quicker than before)
> For more information see:
> https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Git+Plugin
> http://kohsuke.org/2011/12/01/polling-must-die-triggering-
> jenkins-builds-from-a-git-hook/
> Thanks to Sam Gleske for the advice and Andrea Veri for setting up
> the Git side.

+1 Awesome.

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