On 06/01/15 20:13, Pat David wrote:
> I'm available to help where needed as well.  Might want to keep things like
> the product vision (
> http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign#product_vision) in mind as
> well.

Awesome, thanks! In the next few days I'll update the proposal
considering Pelican (in Python) + Apache and I'll post it back to the
list. I'll also consider the product vision to update the design.

> On Tue Jan 06 2015 at 5:03:49 PM Samuel Ricks <wcp...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm not a designer - but I do think the site could be really improved with
>> some more content and information. I would be happy to help with
>> Javascript, PHP, or anything else that needs doing.
>> Samuel

Thanks! For now, all I'm using is HTML+CSS and a little bit of JS (more
specifically, jQuery). I'm also using dummy content on the design
proposal but I'll try to update it following the product vision.

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