To continue along with my thoughts below, I just wanted to update everyone.

I am finally getting around to installing the pre-requisites for using
Pelican (static site builder for python).  This is in preparation to begin
seriously looking at building the revamp as suggested by Cristobal in his
initial correspondence.

I will be working on this sporadically in the  coming weeks, in case anyone
wanted to help out or experiment with me.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 10:11 AM Pat David <> wrote:

> Ok, so I have some thoughts on this if you all don't mind indulging me...
> I love the idea of a site re-design for a number of reasons (better
> organization of content, modern look, better usability for access to
> important information quickly and efficiently for users, lowering the
> barrier to entry for contributions, etc...).
> Having recently spent all my free time building out for fun, I'm
> still neck deep in this stuff so it's fun to think about.
> I feel it would be beneficial to separate content from presentation.  This
> allows the same content to be massaged into different forms later on
> (hopefully relatively easily).  Using something like Markdown for page data
> is a very nice way to significantly lower the barrier for others to
> contribute (but is by no means a guarantee that they will - just that it
> would be a lot easier than it is currently).
> I also tend to like the static site generation path.  My personal main
> consideration for a page/site is to make it as lightweight, fast, and as
> useful as possible.  This generally also has the benefit of reducing
> vectors for possible malicious acts.
> So, if we consider the idea of using intermediate content files (markdown)
> and passing them through a static generator of some sort (jekyll,
> metalsmith, whatever) then we just need to address how best to handle the
> back-end data.
> (As a side note, so far this is exactly how I have been building out
>, just using markdown and metalsmith (node.js) to generate the
> site).
> Is the ability to have multiple GIT repositories and permissions something
> we can easily setup on our existing infrastructure?  Is it something we
> _should_ consider setting up?  At the moment, when working on things on
> wgo, I just update my local copy of wgo, merge, work, push, etc...
> I am busy building out another site at the moment, but things are still
> fresh in my head, and as such I'd be willing to start work on a redesign of
> wgo.  I'm going to start making some notes and thoughts on the wiki:
> I may also branch wgo to start testing some ideas, but I will have some
> questions about the "application layer" setup as described by Cristobal...
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