On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 9:42 PM, Pat David <patda...@gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> I am still trudging through the list of tutorials from the old site and
> (slowly) migrating them one at a time to the new infrastructure.
> I've noticed a couple of things, though.  Many of these tutorials are a)
> copyrighted without notice of a more permissive licensing, and b) really
> out of date.
> So the question is, what should I do with them?  My first inclination is to
> keep them and migrate them, but possibly to not link to them any longer?
> This way the URI is consistent and stil working, but the pages won't be
> reachable except through their direct url.
> Another option is to simply not migrate some of them, given their copyright
> limitations.
> I am slowly trying to replace older tutorials with new ones that will be
> free of the copyright issues, but it's slower going than moving the
> website. :)
> Also, I've included the complete list of tutorials, in case anyone wants to
> point out some that we definitely won't need or care about migrating.
> [ snip ]

Do we really need to "update" all these tutos for the new website?
My proposition is to scrap all the ones too outdated or without proper
copyleft and make a public call for people to propose good tutorials,
using recent versions (2.8.x), and copyleft only. I have already met
several people who told me they were interested to write tutorials for
GIMP (in French and in Korean, which I could translate to English).

With the state of our tutorials, I feel like just going from a blank
slate and going for high quality isn't that much a luxury and would be
worth it. And rather than trying to "save" all the old stuff, I feel
like it would be so much more healthy to involve our community of
users more into the upstream gimp.org website.

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