> I'm close. Today, I finished porting the old tutorials all to the new
> infrastructure, and I _think_ I've finished porting old pages over.
> For reference, the list of old URL's for the site can be found on this
> page: http://static.gimp.org/about/meta/file-list.html
> The actual list will be linked at the end.
> Can anyone please take a moment to eyeball the list and provide any
> feedback?
> I am also soliciting any feedback in general on the site (
> http://static.gimp.org). I incorporated some of the changes that jimmac
> suggested, and am still looking for input/suggestions on things like the
> verbiage on the new front page, as well as anywhere else.

I think you have done a tremendous job and don't feel qualified to contribute.

The Digital black and white conversion tutorial was excellent. My only comment 
would be to up the copyright notice to 2001-2015


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