On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 11:12 PM, imeros wrote:

> My name is John Geropoulos and i am working on an online e-Learning system
> about image authoring.
> My choice for the software was: GIMP.
> It is all about an online school, which may be considered as a *GIMP School*
> as well.
> You can see information in this URL:
> http://www.oramaphotos.gr/en/elearning-en/image-processing-en
> Before publishing the school on the web,
> i would like some kind of "recognition" from the GIMP team.
> That is, a simple word to just say that this school is worth of something
> and someone can benefit.

Hello, John.

Given that the content is in Greek, I'm not sure how we could evaluate
it other than have a look at the list of lessons.

You don't need our permission to use the logo, although we do ask you
to use it wisely.

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