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> Hah, I just noticed that Mitch is also the administrator of this
> mailing list, so I guess he really would know. I didn't really doubt
> him, but I was holding out hope that there might be a GitHub or GitLab
> -style way of submitting code changes. For those platforms, you don't
> have to be a trusted member of the development team to make pull/merge
> requests because changes can be reviewed before accepting into the code
> base. And at the very least, they seem like an aesthetic upgrade from
> the GNOME mailing list archives. I'M JUST SAYING. :P

There's nothing stopping us from simply mirroring gimp-web on something
like github.  I'd have to check that it was actually ok, but it's
technically possible (using git hooks I think).  Then you could issue PR's
against the project.

This is something we can look at after the migration if it helps to ease
the ability to contribute!

> Pat, static.gimp.org looks really good! I'm also glad about the switch
> from server-side-includes to Pelican; a proper static site generator
> was also something I was thinking of suggesting.
> Okay, I'll make my patch against the gimp-web-static branch, then. This
> patch is for `gimp-web/content/develop/index.md`:
>  * The "Development Status", "Bug Reports" and "Web Development" headings
> seemed to me like they were really subsections of "How You Can Help," so I
> set those to be h3 headings.
>  * A couple times, in the "Hacking" and "How To Submit Your Changes"
> sections, I tried to borrow the tone of Wikipedia's "Be Bold" guidelines.
>  * I added a list of links to the most important GIMP repositories. I was
> going to mention gimp-web-devel in this list, but it looks like no one has
> pushed any commits there since 2013. Perhaps that repo should be archived?
> See the attached patch file.

It seems that the list may have stripped out your attachment?
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