On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 10:09 AM, Andrew Toskin wrote:
> Let's move this topic to a separate topic.
> For the Share buttons at the bottom of blog posts, it's pretty easy to
> just add another link, and I think the limiting factor should be more
> about design -- a million little icons will make the page look
> cluttered. A solution to this which I like is to have a single Share
> button, which toggles the display of all the different social media
> icons.
> However, getting users to *subscribe* to our social media profiles
> means giving them content to follow -- and each extra social site makes
> reposting GIMP-related links more tedious. So we'll want to be
> strategic about which platforms we use:
> * We've talked before about Twitter and Google+.
> * Facebook is too big to ignore, I think.
> * Ello has the nicest visual design of any social media site I've seen,
> so I personally like it a lot. It's still fairly small and new, though.
> * Tumblr, Deviant Art, Instagram and maybe Pinterest have large
> communities of artists, so there are likely many GIMP users there.
> Flickr is maybe *too* focused on uploading original images to work for
> this sort of thing? But there is a somewhat active GIMP Users group
> already.

Andrew, personally I'm only prepared to support Twitter, Google+, and
Facebook. I don't (and shouldn't) mind if other people represent us
there, but I'd personally feel more comfortable if I knew those people
enough to trust them with this task.

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