Thanks!  I went ahead with microdata and opengraph the other evening (it
was already something I was using on pixls, so it wasn't too alien for
me).  It seems to be ok, though I'll probably come back and consider
something like JSON-LD later on.  I didn't completely implement across
entire pages just yet, but it's on my to-do list. :)

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 8:36 PM Andrew Toskin <> wrote:

> You can definitely mix and match microdata formats without causing any
> issues, unless maybe you accidentally put conflicting information between
> the different formats. Changes to metadata in one format will need to be
> updated in all other formats. Shouldn't be too hard to keep straight.
> *Microformats* might be a good choice too --
> -- its markup only uses class and
> rel attributes, so it neatly blends in with normal HTML. And if we
> applied CSS based on the Microformats class attributes (which could be
> appropriate, for example, with the h-card class for GIMP contact
> information), then we could actually minimize how much extra markup the
> microdata adds to every page.
> I like OpenGraph too, because it's the easiest to understand and implement
> -- just add a few <meta> tags to the document <head> instead of trying to
> incorporate microdata throughout the page -- and pretty widely supported.
> ~Andrew
> On Wed, 2015-11-25 at 18:09 +0000, Pat David wrote:
> I'm in the middle of adding micordata markup the WGO and was wondering if
> anyone had any input concerning implementation, types, or formats.
> At the moment I'm going to focus on both
>  microdata (considering
> JSON-LD, but likely microdata atm) and opengraph.  I can't seem to find any
> issues with using both at the same time.  If someone knows, please chime in.
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