Jehan actually has a plan in mind (along with pippin).  The new idea will
be to consolidate assets from multiple sources in a federated list within
GIMP to make them available (where possible - see prokoudine's statement
about C plugins).

Perhaps you'd like to write some new tutorials?  We could use some nice
tutorials that cover beginning concepts for newcomers (or really of all
skill levels).  We need to update the documentation for a new release as
well - do you feel up to writing some documentation?


On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 3:55 PM Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 8:45 PM, Christopher Watson wrote:
> > Saw that the gimp plugin registry is down right now and I'd like to help.
> > Anything that needs to be done with web design/development I'm available
> > for. I'd like to help bring the Gimp project into this decade
> I'm not sure what the latter statement is supposed to mean :)  But all
> help is welcome. The problem in this particular case is that we don't
> seem to have agreed on any implementation specifics.
> What we have agreed on is that we want the new registry to be as
> secure as possible. Beyond that opinions appear to differ, or so I
> understand the situation.
> Another thing is that we really, really want extensions to be easy to
> install. As easy as Firefox/Chrome extensions. The problem is that
> while all sorts of brushes and gradients, as well as Script-Fu scripts
> and Python plugins are OS-agnostic, plugins written in C have to be
> compiled, and they aren't always available in the binary form for all
> architectures of all supported operating systems.
> I'm guessing the server side with a web front-end for downloading
> could be the first step towards that goal, as it would pretty much
> substitute the now defunct registry.
> Alex
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