Hi David, thanks for the clarification, I thought that maybe a security breach 

About a new approach, I think something similar was discussed before but: How 
about using a dependency manager? Something like PIP for Python, but more 
generic. Even better, we could develop our own dependency manager. It may sound 
like killing flies with a canon. But the advantage of having our own dependency 
system is that we can customize it to our specific needs (like indexed content 
and categorization). Luckily we could find a generic dependency manager that 
could fit with our needs.

Another advantage of having a dependency system is that devs could actually 
define those plugins and scripts that they rely on. And of course a dependency 
system could easily be integrated into GIMP itself.

I hope that helps. Oh! And by the way, I didn't get any confirmation email so I 
sent my previous email from a GMail account too. Sorry for that.

Have a nice day (^_^)/

On 10/07/2018 at19:16, Pat David wrote:
Hello Miguel,

The "incident" is that the registry was hosted on an old drupal installation 
that was a little long in the tooth.  Maintaining and securing it was straining 
our resources beyond what we had available (and the entire infrastructure 
wasn't quite what we need).

The team has been thinking about a new approach that makes more sense going 
forward (Jehan and Joao in particular, but everyone contributes thoughts/ideas).

The current thinking is leaning towards an integrated environment directly 
inside GIMP to get access to assets and scripts.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 11:55 AM Miguel A. Garcia via gimp-web-list 
<gimp-web-list@gnome.org<mailto:gimp-web-list@gnome.org>> wrote:
Hi everyone, I've been reading some previous emails on this mail-list
and it seems that something very bad happened a couple of years ago and
now the plugin registry is on readonly mode. But, I couldn't find the
details about the incident (there are dozens of emails since then).
Could someone kindly explain what happened? Also, I would like to know
if there is any other alternative to the registry right now.

This is my first time writing a mail-list like this one, so I'm sorry if
I did something wrong.

Looking forward for your answer.

Best Regards.

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