molt bé aquest cap de setmana enviaré tot el que tinc fet

2007/7/26, Sílvia Miranda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


S'està preparant el llançament del Gimp 2.4. Estaria bé que tinguéssim
el Gimp totalment traduït... Jo he estat força enfeinada últimament i al
final no vaig fer cap dels mòduls que vaig dir que faria. El gimp-ruby
s'ha fet des de l'equip de traducció del gnome i segurament està a punt
per pujar. El gimp-tiny-fu ja l'agafo jo. Aviam si també podem acabar de
mirar-nos la resta :)



-------- Missatge reenviat --------
> De: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Assumpte: preparing the GIMP 2.4 release
> Data: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:27:47 +0200
> Moin,
> we are preparing the release of version 2.4 of the GNU Image
> Manipulation Program. The plan is to get a release candidate out in a
> week or two. This release will be done from the code that is now in
> trunk. So please update your translations in gimp/trunk.
> Strings are tentatively frozen for quite a while already and we will try
> to avoid any further string changes. I can't guarantee that we won't
> have to add a string or two while fixing the remaining issues but we
> will be very careful as not to change strings at this point.
> If you still find typos or otherwise problematic strings, please tell us
> about them as soon as possible. Preferably through bugzilla.
> Please help us to deliver a good user experience with GIMP 2.4.  Good
> and complete translations are important for that.  Thanks a lot for your
> hard work. The GIMP developers and users appreciate it very much.
> Sven
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