> I've run a similar test. I turned down the input faders all the way and 
> recorded a 32-bit WAV file of about 5 seconds. I then ran the 
> Analyze->Statistics function in CEP, which showed an average RMS level of 
> about -101.5 db for the file. Very impressive.

I also did a test or two, the results are up on my web page:


The tests placed the GINA in the top ranking in the sound-card

I imagine your -60db noise floor was because the AutoTrim was done on
something that had very little signal. So it would try to maximize the
noise. Not a good thing. I'd suggest hooking up a nice loud signal, a
hot microphone preamp, or a VCR output, and then do an
autotrim. You'll get a really nice signal to noise ratio.



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