>Here's the problem. When I record from my CD player--(analog, Tatung CD
>ROM doesn't support DA extraction)--to HD, The recorded track plays back
>slightly slower than the CD player. Perhaps a semitone Give or take a
>few cents. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Sounds like your audio file is -by whatever means- being saved as a 48 Khz
sample rate and when you play back you are playing back at 44.1Khz.  Sounds
like you are about -1.5 pitch lower and speed is slightly slower right?  If
so then you are recording your file at 48 and playing back at 44.1.  Set
your record sample rate to 44.1 or set your playback rate to 44.1.  I
suggest your set the record rate to 44.1 rather than the playback.

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