Hi all,

I tried 3.05 driver... but it doesn't work..... doesn't make any sound!!

And I found a way to use Echo Console with 2.0.5c driver

1- unzip the 2.0.5c to a dedicated folder like c:\gina\205
and unzip 3.0.5 to c:\gina\305.

2- Then copy Echogals.drv and Vechogal.vxd 
from c:\gina\205 to c:\gina\305 and delete c:\gina\205 

3- Double click Echodel.exe in c:\gina\305 and choice reboot

5- Win95 finds your gina as new device after rebooting. 
Choice c:\gina\305 for the driver

6- After installation the driver, Win95 doesn't reboot automatically. 
But I think you should reboot your PC manually. Because I tried to play 
WinAmp right after the installation, my Gina didn't make any sound and 
my pc was freezed. working just fine :) 

Have a fun :)
Takahiro Kitano

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