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>I just downloaded the new Gina 3.0.5 drivers.  I like the new mixer
>app.  But now it eratically plays file too slow.  They stay that way
>until I reinstall the driver.  It also messes with my SAW set up.  Any
>ideas?  The 2.0.5 drivers had other problems.

so does it slow down things like system activated sounds (if you should have
any selected) or just your daw oriented software? 

my advice -which isn't the best, but anyway- is to reinstall you system and
when you hook up the gina card install the new driver and don't go back to
the others.

now this worked for me on a number of problems i was having, amoung them
things playing back slowly from cubase.  i don't have the problem now that i
cleaned house.  it is also worth mentioning that i had numerous other
problems besides slow play back, so you man not have to do as dramatic of a
thing like reinstall windows.

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