Thanks for all the information! I visited every place you gave me and I
must remark, Sweetwater has a nice website but
I couldn't contact any real people to ask about a more fair price (US$ 500)
for a GINA, other sites offered the card at 430-450.

        It has the lower price (US$ 429.95 but ask about YOUR price, that works! :)
and best of it It, has a wonderful website where I've been using to monitor
diff options regarding to digital audio (also seqs, plugins, etc)

        This URL is my reference guide, if there is something new to digital
audio, then
its there :) Can't wait 2 weeks more to get my hands (ears?) on a GINA! :)

PS: Needless to say that I'm not involved in any way with Soundchaser, I
just like it! :)

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

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