Hi all,

I am about to purchase Events' Gina as it seems ideal for my applications -
I run a small studio, using Adat and Daw for multitrack recordings.
I need to expand on the 8 outs of the Adat and it seems to me Gina will be
exactly right for this.
Before my purchase I would like to ask users for any horror or good-news
stories based on thier own experiences with GIna.

I intend to use it using Cakewalk Audio V7 and Saw Plus - anyone with bad
experiences using it via these interfaces?
And if Saw+ sees it as one card, how are different tracks routed to
different Gina outputs, or is there an output mapper that comes with the
Gina drivers?
Any problems with the 24bit digital out transferring directly to 16bit Dat?

Thanks in advance.


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