On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, you wrote:

>       When I've tried to install 3.0.5 the audio was playing just a couple
>of seconds, perhaps an IRQ conflict? Don't know... GINA is working fine
>now but I would like to have it 'fully' working with 3.0.5 :)

I also have an AWE32 and found recently that I had an IRQ conflict I didn't
even know about. The AWE32 has an IDE controller, and many times the IDE
controller goes unused. I found that the IDE controller on the AWE32 was
choosing IRQ11 (the same IRQ as GINA) so I wrote to Creative Labs to ask how to
disable the IDE port. Since my AWE32 is actually a SB32 PnP, the answer was to
make it conflict with the secondary IDE port then disable the driver. (Set it
up to use IRQ 15).

So now, I have all my IRQs back. GINA actually never stopped working with 3.05
drivers, I've never had a problem with them.  Just thought it might help with
your GINA problems.


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