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>I had the same problem with 3.0.5 when  tried to load it for my Layla.
>Echodel.exe would not completely deleat my 2.__ driver.  The Layl has a
>3.0.0 that has the console, and it works fine.  Not only would the sound
>play for only a short time, but it would then lock up the console.  I tried
>manuallu deleting, but still no luck, so I'm just running 3.0.0.

seems like once you install the original event driver, you are stuck with it
haunting your system all the time.  i don't think you can gaurantee a 3.0.5
installation, without (gulp) wiping your hd and reinstalling the op sys and
subsequently everything else.

when i reinstalled my op sys and all else, it was when the 3.0.5 driver came
out.  I have not one single Gina console problem.

-john pemble
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