Hi people

Just a quick mail to introduce myself to the list. My name's Gareth 
Metford, I'm in Preston in the UK and I have been using an Event Gina 
for about 3 months. I've had a fair few problems with it but 
everything seems to be running pretty smoothly now (fingers 
crossed!). I'm using a P133/32Mb/3.2Gb, and other equipment in my 
studio includes an Akai S2800 4Mb w/digital I/O, Novation 
BassStation, Alesis Quadraverb+ and...that's about it. I was
wondering if other Gina users had been having problems 
performing data transfers using the Gina's S/PDIF I/O? I've been 
using Wavelab to record data dumps from my sampler, but I've found 
that the only way to do this effectively is to record the data at 
20-bit resolution, then convert it to 16-bit before returning it to 
the sampler. Someone told me that there is a problem with the Gina 
S/PDIF input, which involves the last bit of the signal being 
replaced with a random '0' or '1'. Any further information would be 
very gratefully received!



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