Hi Gareth...I am using Gina for mixing to a DA-30, MKII dat recorder, then transfer
digitally back to my audio editing sequencer (Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.01),  adding some
mastering...SoundForge, Wavelab...and then back to the DA-30 digital, no problem at
all...I have heard than some older stuff have some differences into how they
implement the S/Pdif configurations...i.e., older DA-30s had such limitations and
one was unable to make digital transfers among the dat recorder and a digital card
but only if removing some internal jumper, very trickiy stuff only to be  handled
with a manual at your side...

In my own case, the dat recorder automatically recognizes 44.1 or 48hz from the
Gina...Perhaps you should check your sampler ?? Just guessing and trying to help....


Gareth wrote:

> Hi people
> Just a quick mail to introduce myself to the list. My name's Gareth
> Metford, I'm in Preston in the UK and I have been using an Event Gina
> for about 3 months. I've had a fair few problems with it but
> everything seems to be running pretty smoothly now (fingers
> crossed!). I'm using a P133/32Mb/3.2Gb, and other equipment in my
> studio includes an Akai S2800 4Mb w/digital I/O, Novation
> BassStation, Alesis Quadraverb+ and...that's about it. I was
> wondering if other Gina users had been having problems
> performing data transfers using the Gina's S/PDIF I/O? I've been
> using Wavelab to record data dumps from my sampler, but I've found
> that the only way to do this effectively is to record the data at
> 20-bit resolution, then convert it to 16-bit before returning it to
> the sampler. Someone told me that there is a problem with the Gina
> S/PDIF input, which involves the last bit of the signal being
> replaced with a random '0' or '1'. Any further information would be
> very gratefully received!
> Regards,
> Gareth
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